24.03.2019 6-8 PM

Årsopgørelse 2018
Is everything alright with your taxes for 2018?

Are you sure that you've registered all the tax deductions you have the right to?

Do you know how to check and correct your tax documents in Denmark?

Get all the information on the live webinar
on Årsopgørelse 2018
on the 24th of March from 6 to 8 PM
What is this webinar about?
You will learn how to check and correct the information in Årsopgørelse for 2018
On the 24th of March 2019 from 6 to 8 PM you are invited to a live webinar, where Elena Kabatchenko, the founder of Finance Guide, will show you how to find the annual tax report (Årsopgørelse) in your personal tax profile, how to check, correct and approve the changes in this document.
You will get the list of the most popular tax deductions in Denmark
And you will learn how to calculate and enter the right amount for tax deductions in Årsopgørelse. If you are entitled to receiving money from Skat, you will get it on your bank account on the 5th of April 2019.
Get answers to all your question on personal taxes
After the webinar, you can ask all your questions about personal taxes in Denmark to Elena Kabatchenko. She will stay with you for as long as it is needed in order to answer all the questions.
Content of the tax webinar

  1. What is the difference between Årsopgørelse and Forskudsopgørelse?

  2. How to check if there is a mistake in your Årsopgørelse?

  3. How to correct and approve the corrections?

  4. Tax deductions in Denmark - which ones are not automatically entered by Skat?

  5. What income is taxable in Denmark? Do you need to pay taxes on your income abroad?

  6. Examples of the most popular tax deductions and income types that are not to be found automatically in Årsopgørelse: How to calculate and enter the numbers in the document.

  7. Bonus 1: List of 10 most popular tax deductions in Denmark

  8. Bonus 2: Video-lesson "Make sure that you pay right taxes in 2019 - take control of your Forskudsopgørelse (preliminary tax report)"

Your lector is
Elena Kabatchenko
Founder of Finance Guide and finance expert
Professional experience

2013 - 2019: Consulting and teaching foreigners in Denmark on the financial topics

2014 - 2018: Analyst and Project manager in EKF, the Danish Export Credit Agency

2011 - 2014: Senior analyst in Danske Bank (the largest private bank in Denmark)

2008 - 2011: Economist in the Central Bank of Denmark



2006 - 2008: MSc in Finance from Aarhus University, Denmark

2007: Study in Harvard University, USA

2003 - 2006: Bachelor in Economics, Aalborg University, Denmark

Price: 250 kr. for participating in the live webinar on the 24th of March at 6 PM.
You will also get the recording of the webinar, the document containing information about main tax deductions in Denmark and video-lesson on Forskudsopgørelse for 2019.
After you've signed up, check your e-mail. You will receive the invoice and information about the webinar. The link to the webinar will be sent to you on the 23d of March.
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